Baiguni Lai Blues Le Marnu Parcha

By TMR Trio

Here, the band makes a whimsical take on the ages-old saying that goes “Baiguni Lai Gunn Le Marnu Parcha,” roughly translated in English to “traitors should be won over with benevolence.” TMR Trio wants to win over everyone with the blues and spread the same message to its listeners—that music helps you win over all sorts of evils and negativity.

The 9-track album contains music written, performed and recorded by TMR Trio. All the lyrics are in Nepali and the band has explored the many sub-genres of rock music, keeping track with its blues roots.

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All songs are written and performed by TMR Trio

All tracks engineered, mixed and mastered by Satish Sthapit 

Track 2 engineered and mixed by Sunit Kansakar (Rec Records) 

Drums on Track 2 recorded by Nikhil Tuladhar. Keys by Nishant Shakya

Track 4 lyrics by Jacko Wacko 

Track 9 original lyrics and composition of Mukti and Revival

Album produced by: Wild Yak Records (Sushil Koirala, Kiran Byanjankar and Neeraj Prasad Gorkhaly)

Wild Yak Records reserves all digital rights to the album. 

©2019 TMR Trio

2019 Wild Yak Records,

 All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Cover Photo by: Pritam Chhetri ©2019 TMR Trio 

Cover Design by: 


Band Members:

Jimi Blues - guitars/vocal

Sunny Mahat - bass

Jay Ram - drums

TMR Trio

The Midnight Riders Trio, popularly known to its fan and followers as TMR Trio, is a one-of-its-kind blues rooted band based in Kathmandu. With over 10 years of experience playing covers and originals together as a band, TMR Trio finally launches its original album “Baiguni Lai Blues Le Marne Parcha”.